Adria Matrix Supreme

The autohouse is equipped with a winter package: Electric floor heating. Tank for clean water (110 liters) heated. Tank for dirty water (100 liters) with heating. The Adria mobile home is of a semi-integrated type, which has a positive effect on the aerodynamics of the camper, and, as a consequence, on its fuel efficiency and sail.

Polar 620

Warm Swedish Polar 520 trailer dacha. It is calculated on operation in temperature ranges from - 40 ° C to 40 ° C. All devices in the trailer are designed to operate from 12V. Perhaps an external connection to the network 220V. In front there is a semicircular sofa with a table, transforming into a double bed. Behind the caravan is not collapsible double bed.

How to load the trailer?

The load inside your trailer must be placed evenly so that the center of gravity is above the axle (if there is one) or between the axles of the trailer. Forward shifting the center of gravity will cause undue stress on the hitch and the entire rear of the car, reducing the traction of the steered wheels to the road. Offsetting back will raise the back of the car, which will degrade traction on the rear wheels.